Gina Klein - Segfault alert

Enter Strider: "My program tells me something like 'segmentation violation' and exits ! What should I do ?"
Scrooge replies: "That's bad !"
PG adds: "That's reeeaaalllly bad !"
And Surprise issues the final verdict: "It's broken beyond hope. Take a cup of coffee."

As I am watching Strider, his I can see the expression on his face turning from hopeful expectation to surprise, until he finally realizes that he has become the innocent victim of an improvised conspiracy. Meanwhile the three others are silently laughing.
Fortunately, Surprise rescues him from the segfault abyss and explains to him the grave consequences of programming bugs, lost pointers, and buffer overflows. Strider heads to his office, just to return somewhat later with the message "Found it !"

Another lost soul rescued. Where are my chocolate cookies ?