Gina Klein - Emergency call

It is December 2000, one of the last days of the millenium, and we (Surprise, 00Snail, and me) are walking the streets of an unnamed town - that is, Surprise and 00Snail are walking, while I am watching the world from 00Snails backpack.

Suddenly, at some corner of the street, we see a man who obviously tries to cross the street. He wants to move, but all he manages is to stare at the street and sway back and forth a little, apparently completely drunk. Surprise and 00Snail discuss a little bit. Then 00Snail gets hold of her mobile phone and calls the police to pick up the man. She fears that he might get hurt or killed in the heavy traffic, if he walks around like that.

While we are waiting for the police to arrive, the man sits down in the window of an outlet. It looks like nothing interesting is going to happen soon, so I dive into 00Snail's backpack to look out for some chocolate cookies.

When I peek out a few minutes later, the man just rises up again and makes another attempt to cross the street. 00Snail talks to him to convince him to stay: "Please, stay. We have called the police, and they will pick you up and bring you to a safe place.". These words have an amazing effect: all signs of dizziness disappear from the man, he re-gains almost perfect control of his body, and hastily crosses the street and stumbles away. 00Snail sighs as she realizes that her attempt to do the daily good deed has failed, while Surprise and me are silenty giggling.

Just this moment the police car comes along, so we depart the scene ...