Gina Klein - No way in

Feb 1, 2001: Surprise and 00Snail change cars for the day. It's a cold morning, and Surprise steps down the stairs to head for work. He opens the door - well, no, he tries, but without any success. Something can be heard moving in the mechanism of the door lock, but the door refuses to open.

He tries the other door, but there he cannot even manage to get the key into the lock. It is completely frozen. Then he tries the tailgate, and it works fine. So he gets in, but then there is another problem: how to get out, once the tailgate is closed ?

He experiments with the doors from within the car, and after some decent blows finally one of the back doors gives way. Satisfied with this success, he closes the tailgate from within, and winds his way to the driver seat. And schedules the car for replacement ...