Gina Klein - Toast

Mar 20, 2001: Chocolate cookie supply has reduced drastically since Christmas, so I moved closer to the kitchen area not to miss any, unfortunately to no avail. At least there was some good Belgian chocolate a few days ago, which mysteriously disappeared while nobody was watching ...

Yesterday was sunday, and 00Snail had decided that it's time for some bread toasting, so Surprise had reactivated one of his toasters. He has a collection of old toasters from the 50's, and most of them even work - 00Snail always mutters about asbestos in the toaster, but she still eats the bread.

Of course the toaster has no ejection mechanism, so one has to take some care. Yesterday all went well, but this afternoon, suddenly some smell was offending my nose, and when I looked down from my look-out, I saw black smoke rising from the toaster. 00Snail issued some curse that I will not repeat here - after all, I am a lady !