Gina Klein - The internet calls

Scrooge is in the Netherlands for some weeks, but he calls Surprise every day. Of course the institute over there would not pay an international call, and Scrooge himself would not even think about paying it ... but there is internet telephony!

Which gives the word "phone call" a completely new meaning - there is much noise in the line, the call can last at most ten minutes, and sometimes it is interrupted even earlier. This is because Scrooge uses a web-based service. He has to click on a banner ad every 30 seconds to "pay" for the call. Then a new window pops up, which he immediately closes. It is almost a reflex already - click on ad, click on "Close". However, sometimes after clicking an ad, the page does not load, which then causes the phone call to be interrupted...

And why does he call? It seems he wants Surprise to look into some problem with a program. But the respective part of the program had been translated from FORTRAN into C, which has improved the readability, but not too much. Thus Surprise really is not too keen on debugging the thing. Maybe Scrooge should promise him some chocolate cookies.