miscellaneous software projects


velocity is a small C program to determine the best-fit orbital solution for measured radial velocity curves of spectroscopic binary stars.

velocity requires the GNU scientific library (gsl), as well as the PGPLOT vector plotting library.

License and Download

Copyright © 2001-2004 Rainer Wichmann.
velocity ("the software") is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence ("GPL").

velocity-1.3.tar.gz (50 kB)
MD5 checksum: df9363cfe95d62d4c3841536a98a53a6
PGP signature: velocity-1.3.tar.gz.asc


Check-ps (or check_ps) is the veteran of programs to find hidden processes, which are typically signs of a rootkit that has been installed by some intruder.

The version available here is based on the last version (check-ps- with the fix1 patch) released by Duncan Simpson, the original author. The code was updated to compile on modern Linux systems and to make the killscan option actually work. The updated code was tested successfully against the SuckIT rootkit.

Usage notes and a list of command-line options can be found in the README file.

License and Download

The original code (which does not compile out-of-the-box on Linux, and does not work correctly) is listed on Sourceforge.net as GNU General Public Licence ("GPL") software. There was no license included in the tarball. No copyright is claimed for the minor changes to the original code.

check-ps- (135 kB)
MD5 checksum: 0cb8b2b045e63b7f4bf1e33a10b349f2
PGP signature: check-ps-


Ifstat is a program to check whether a network interface is in promiscuous mode (often a sign of a network sniffer installed by a rootkit). It is a Linux-only program, and is able to detect promiscuous interfaces with IPV6-enabled kernels.

This is ripped out of the kstat program (by FuSyS), and enhanced to automatically check all interfaces.

Usage: ifstat [interface]
Compile: gcc -static -O2 -Wall -I/usr/src/linux/include -o ifstat ifstat.c
NOTE: You need the kernel headers (/usr/src/linux/include) to compile

License and Download

The original kstat code (which did not compile out-of-the-box on my Debian 3.0 test system) is distributed under the following licence (no copyright is claimed for the minor changes to the original code):

Author: FuSyS [fusys ta s0ftpj tod org, fusys ta sikurezza tod org]

MOJITO-WARE LICENSE - This source code is like "THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" by Poul-Henning Kamp but you can give me in return a mojito.

ifstat.c (16 kB)
MD5 checksum: 4a10103a744c4d0ad07e9e0092b001f7
PGP signature: ifstat.c.asc


This is a Perl script to convert a spectrum in JCAMP-DX format into a simple text file with rows in 'x y' format (suitable e.g. for gnuplot, IDL, IRAF, or just anything else you like).

chmod +x jcamp_conv
jcamp_conv -h

License and Download

This script is cappuchino-ware (see top part of the script).

jcamp_conv (12 kB)
MD5 checksum: 8a171068294ec7509ad9b59516e5d065
PGP signature: jcamp_conv.asc


hsftp is an ftp emulator that provides the look-and-feel of an ftp session, but uses ssh to transport commands and data.

License and download

Copyright © 2000 Rainer Wichmann.
hsftp ("the software") is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence ("GPL").

hsftp-1.15.tar.gz (52 kB)
MD5 checksum: 933b25a898978650a2a18372b5208a00
PGP signature: hsftp-1.15.tar.gz.asc

hsftp-1.15-1.i386.rpm (14 kB, OpenSSH)

To set SUID root permissions for the executable use the command (as root):

    # chmod 4755 /usr/bin/hsftp

By setting the executable SUID root, you can avoid that the passprase might get paged out to the swap partition during periods of inactivity. It is strongly recommended to use the configure option --with-drop-root when you plan to set the executable SUID root, in order to have the program drop root privileges as soon as possible.