our support options

consulting / commercial support

In case you need or want support for the installation and/or maintenance of samhain at your site, you may want to inquire with Samhain Services.

announcement list

We recommend that samhain users subscribe to the samhain-announce mailing list. This is a very low traffic mailing list used exclusively for the announcement of new versions of samhain, and for information on security problems (in case any are discovered).


Documentation for samhain, including an extensive User Manual as well as a FAQ and various HOWTOs can be found in the samhain tarball as well as on our online documentation page.

user forum and mailing list

samhain comes with an extensive documentation that should answer most questions regarding its usage. However, if you need help, or if you want to discuss new features or problems related to samhain, feel free to use the samhain user forum.

If you would like to receive forum postings by e-mail you can do so by subscribing to the samhain-users mailing list (you will also be able to reply by e-mails, if you wish).

bug reports

Please use our contact form to send bug reports, or email them directly to support@nullla-samhna.de

Make sure to include the version of samhain that you use, your environment (the output of uname -a), and any information that might be useful to reproduce the bug. Any useful bug report needs three things:

  1. steps to reproduce,
  2. what did you expect ?, and
  3. what did you see ?