10. Checking for open ports

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PortCheckActive= boolean — 'true' to switch on, 'false' to switch off.

SeverityPortCheck= severity — Severity for events (default is crit).

PortCheckRequired= interface:portlist — Services (open ports) that are required.

PortCheckOptional= interface:portlist — Services (open ports) that are optional (allowed, but not required).

PortCheckIgnore= interface:portlist — Services (open ports) that should be ignored (no reports for this port).

PortCheckInterface= (list of) IP address(es) — Additional interface to scan (up to 63 interfaces).

PortCheckDevice= (list of) device(s) — Device(s) to scan, regardless of address(es) assigned to them (each address counts towards the maximum of 63 interfaces for PortCheckInterface). Devices will be re-checked before scan to account for address changes.

PortCheckInterval= seconds — Interval between checks (default 300).

PortCheckUDP= boolean — Whether to scan UDP ports as well (default yes).

PortCheckMinPort= integer — The lowest port to be checked (defaults to 0).

PortCheckMaxPort= integer — The highest port to be checked (defaults to 65535).