samhain documentation

The SAMHAIN file integrity / intrusion detection system


The fact sheet provides a quick and concise description of features.
Also available as PDF file.

All documentation listed below is also included in the samhain distribution tarball (in the docs/ subdirectory).

User Manual

samhain comes with an extensive User Manual that you can view (HTML) or download as PDF or EPUB. The distribution includes both the HTML and the PDF version.

A German user manual is available from the Selflinux project in HTML and PDF format.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

We have a FAQ that deals with problems and issues that crop up more or less frequently in the user forum.


Samhain on Windows (by Kris Dom)

Signed configuration and baseline database files

Using samhain in client/server mode

Troubleshooting client/server mode

Writing samhain modules (to extend its functionality) (by the Computer Incident Response Team)