5. Paths

Compiled-in paths may be as long as 255 chars. If the --with-stealth option is used, the limit is 127 chars. The paths to the database, log file, and pid/lock file can be overridden in the configuration file (see Section 1 ).


If using NFS with clients on different hosts accesing the same files, you can set the database, log file, and pid/lock file names to "AUTO" in the configuration file to simply tack on the hostname on the compiled-in path. The same length limits apply.


The install prefix. Default is none, and using the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.2 directory layout. If you prefer the GNU layout (everything under /usr/local), use --prefix=/usr/local. See Section 10 for details.


The binary directory (default is /usr/local/sbin)


The state data directory prefix (default is /var). Data will be written to DPFX/lib/ install_name.


The state data directory (default is DPFX/lib/install_name). Data will be written to this directory.


The man directory directory prefix (default is /usr/local/share/man).


The directory where tmp files are created (config/database downloads from server, extracted PGP-signed parts of config/database files) (default is HOME).


The full path of the configuration file (default is /etc/(install_name)rc).


The path of the log file (default is DPFX/log/samhain_log).


The path of the PID file (default is DPFX/run/(install_name).pid).


[SERVER ONLY] The path of the HTML status file where the current status of clients is displayed (default is DPFX/log/(install_name).html).


The path of the console (default is /dev/console). This may be a FIFO.


The path of a second console (default is none). This may be a FIFO. If defined, console output will always go to both console devices (but note that console devices are only used when running as daemon).