about us

samhain labs is a division of WEP e.V., a German non-profit organization.
Our mission is to provide security for the net.

the crew

    katerina - support, webmaster

    rainer - development

    leon - the boss

    isobel - sleepy

    Gina Klein - resistance is futile


samhain (nf. g. samhna), Hallow-tide, was the close of the harvest and the beginning of the winter season in the celtic calendar.
In modern Irish, Nov 1 is called "la samhna" (samhain day).
samhain is pronounced "sow-" (as in female pig) "-en", because "mh" in the middle of an Irish word is a "w" sound.


We use emacs, iglue, gimp, and make for site building; Apache XSSI and CSS for presentation.