14. External

Definition of an arbitrary number of external programs/scripts (see Chapter 7 ). Section heading:



OpenCommand= /full/path/to/program — Starts new command definition.

CloseCommand — Ends new command definition (optional syntactic sugar).

SetType= log/srv — Type/purpose of the program.

SetCommandline= list — The command line.

SetEnviron= KEY=value — Environment variable (can be repeated).

SetChecksum= TIGER checksum — Checksum of the program.

SetCredentials= username — User whose credentials shall be used.

SetFilterNot= list — Regular expression patterns not allowed in message.

SetFilterAnd= list — Regular expression patterns required (ALL) in message.

SetFilterOr= list — Regular expression patterns required (at least one) in message.

SetDeadtime= seconds — Deadtime between consecutive calls.

SetDefault= boolean — Set default environment (HOME from /etc/passwd, SHELL=/bin/sh, PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin).