Chapter 2. Compiling and installing

[Note]Samhain as a client/server system

This chapter focuses on building a standalone samhain executable. For a client/server system, client and server executable are built from the same source, but with different options for the 'configure' script (see Section 4 ).

Please refer to the chapter Chapter 6 for an explanation of the client/server setup.

1. Overview


        sh$ wget

Extract (and verify PGP signature):

        sh$ gunzip -c samhain-current.tar.gz | tar xvf -
        sh$ gpg --verify samhain-N.N.N.tar.gz.asc samhain-N.N.N.tar
        sh$ gunzip -c samhain-N.N.N.tar.gz | tar xvf -
        sh$ cd samhain-N.N.N


        sh$ ./configure


        sh$ make


        sh$ make install


        sh$ vi /etc/samhainrc

Initialize the baseline database:

        sh$ samhain -t init

Start the samhain daemon:

        sh$ samhain -t check -D